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About Sholarin Co

  Sholarin Co is a handmade luxury clothing brand started in Atlanta Georgia. Introduced by upscaling clothes from thrift stores, turning old garments into new found treasures, Sholarin Co got it's big break via Twitter March of 2019. After two years of being in business the world finally had a chance to see who we are first hand. With no website, or guidance we took our first 20 orders on pen and paper in a bedroom at my mother's home. From then to now we've been an in-home powerhouse pushing out handmade garments for going on 4 years and we plan to make 2021 our best one yet. We stand out as a brand because you can’t categorize it into one specific style, which gives us free reign to wow our audience with our audacious designs and style. Every year we are experimenting with looks and designs, searching for the next big thing!